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I am so glad you're here.

So often we can move away from what feels right for us and our body. In a world full of dieting messages there can be pressure to follow what these messages tell us we "should" do, leaving us with feelings of disconnection and confusion. 

So what do we do?

It can be challenging to take the first step especially when you might not know what that is. Jamie at You for Life is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who will take the time to understand your personal situation and will work with you towards achieving your goals. 


Whatever your goal may be, the focus at You for Life, is YOU

Support and guidance provided for:

  • Healing your relationship with food using a non-diet approach

  • Reconnecting with body cues

  • Stopping the dieting cycle

  • Emotional eating

  • Disordered eating patterns

  • Eating disorders

  • Restricting eating or eating past what feels comfortable  

  • Binge eating

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