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At You for Life, dietetic consultations are based on your needs using a flexible and supportive approach.

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Appointments can be offered:

Why work with Jamie at You For Life?

You For Life takes a flexible and supportive approach to help each person build skills and confidence in their body and its ability to choose foods and amounts for nourishment. 

The focus is to:

  • Move away from dieting

  • Heal your relationship with food and your body

  • Reconnect with your appetite

  • Enjoy food without guilt or anxiety

Is this service suitable for me?

This service is suitable for you if you need assistance with any of the following:

  • Diet cycling

  • Concerns with your body or weight 

  • Concerns with your eating patterns (Eg: non-hungry eating, restricting food, eating past comfort)

  • If you have an eating disorder plan

  • Binge eating

  • General health

  • Chronic related medical conditions (eg. heart disease, hypertension)


If you are unsure if this service suits your needs, please contact Jamie to discuss through email or a brief chat over the phone.

Appointment Information

What can I expect from a consultation?

Initially the first few sessions may be more focused on getting to know you, exploring baseline information around food, movement, body image and your goals.

​We will continue to explore, revise and adapt our plan based on your goals and needs. 

Will I get a meal plan?

There are so many diets out there telling you what to eat. We want to move away from this using a non-diet and intuitive eating approach which  focuses on behaviour change and allowing flexibility with eating. We will therefore not be following meal plan and instead be working on developing skills and confidence to nourish yourself intuitively. If you need a little structure to support you in the earlier stages then we can develop this together based on your needs and foods you enjoy. 

Will I be weighed?

At You for Life you will not be weighed. If there is a need to monitor weight for medical reasons then this may be undertaken with your medical provider.

How much does a consultation cost?

$150 per session for 50 minutes.

​You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 5 services per calendar year to see an allied health professional (eg. dietitian, physiotherapist) if you have a chronic disease management plan, or for up to 20 services per year if you have an Eating Disorder Plan (EDP). Please speak to your GP.

You may also be able to claim a rebate from your Private Health Insurance. Please check with your provider for more details.

​All fees are payable at time of appointment. 

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You for Life

Jamie Tratt

Accredited Practising Dietitian

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